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Ramkrishna Sameriya is the founder of Pioneer Dom LLP, a startup acceleration company that aims to support early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in developing their businesses. He is a former corporate employee turned author, purpose coach, and entrepreneur.

Ramkrishna is on a mission to help rural entrepreneurs accelerate their ventures. He believes that everyone has the power within themselves to live their dream life and create a legacy to pass on to the next generation. As a Purpose Coach, he inspires people to live their own lives. Ramkrishna has earned the Roxbourg Humanitarian MBA degree with 100% Scholarship from the Roxbourg Institute of Social Entrepreneurship (RISE), Switzerland where he is currently pursuing his Professional Doctorate.

Milind Kher.jpg

Ramkrishna is a very proactive and supportive person to work with.

He always has a lot of fresh ideas and is action oriented. He is a action coach.

Milind Kher

(EI Expert, CEO of HQ)


Ramkrishna is action taker. He motivates me to take tiny steps in a consistent manner. His sessions provided me with a great deal of value.

Reema Dahariya

(Purpose Coach)


I have chosen right guru. Ramkrishna is focus of individual needs and flexibility.

I suggest whoever want such support, contact to  him. 


(Relationship Coach)

RamKrishna is a wonderful coach. It is a huge relief to speak with him and I always learn something new for my coaching practise from our conversations. I was able to realise my life's purpose and face every problem head-on thanks to RK.


He has assisted me in breaking down boundaries. If you need help – ask a professional. If you want a professional who is insightful, supportive, non-judgemental and a joy to talk to then speak to RK.  


For me, coaching was a very enjoyable and enlightening experience. I've personally found that some of the tiniest improvements have made the biggest differences.

Alka Ratan 

(Life and Transformational Coach)


I especially connect with his 3P model. It is very powerful. I found his direct coaching style. 


Shilpi Srivastav

(Self Care &

Holistic Wellness Coach)

Arjun Bhai Pagdhar.jpeg

I have completed 90 days

PDEC program. It helped a lot to decide the goals. and to achieve the same.

Arjun Bhai PaghdarGrassroot Innovator, Presidential Awardee

Director of  Swargarohan Pvt. Ltd.

Dharambir Kamboj.jpg

Pioneer Dom is helping Grassroot Innovators, Farmers. Their coaching program is powerful and action oriented.

Dharambir KambojGrassroot

Innovator, Presidential Awardee,

Director of DFPT

Father and Son Playing

Live Your Purpose

AccelerateYour Startup/Business,

100% Focused, Action Oriented Program.

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